Rising together

You are a rebel goddess.

A woman of strength, passion and fire.

Of tenderness, compassion and deep love.

Full of quirks, quick to laugh and capable of immense joy.

You also understand the landscape of fear, sadness and sorrow.

Fiercely independent, you march to the beat of your own drum. You take chances and make bold decisions guided by your heart and intuition. Even when friends and family don’t understand, you leap forward into your dreams. All in or die.

All of this fierceness may not be obvious from the outside looking in, but you know it’s there. It’s who you are even if it’s expressed quietly, decision by decision, choice by choice. You’re a leader either way.

That spirit of leadership coexists with the wise woman healer within you. Your intuition guides you and your heart beats in synch with the heart of Mother Earth.

You have walked a wild and winding journey. A challenging path that you’ve not always felt capable of walking but, you’ve always made it through the storms.

You’re still here.
A survivor.

A warrior goddess born in the flames of confrontation, challenge, trauma, unrest. You’ve gathered tools and knowledge along the way. Spoils from the storms survived and the battles fought along the way.

Some won, some lost.

You’ve done so well. You’ve been brave and come so much further than others have dared to go.

But, you’re tired, battle weary. Worn from being tossed around by the winds of the storms. Perhaps, even feeling as if you’ve fought the same battle over and over again. Wondering why you find yourself in the same place, with the same struggle.

If you’re honest with yourself, you look within, and know there is more to do. You know you could thrive through these storms and struggles rather than just surviving them. You know you are capable of and meant for, so much more!

Life holds infinite space for your spirit to soar, for you to expand, for you to be fully expressed in this world as the divine being you are.

But, you look around you and wonder how?

You look at your tools and medicines and wonder which ones?

Your spirit whispers to you. There is a better way.

And there is.

A way to thrive, to grow, to evolve through these storms. A way to overcome the storms with greater ease and grace. The storms are not there to stop you or to keep you small.

They are opportunities for you to look deep within. Opportunities to dive into the depths of your shadows and darkness, the very womb of transformation, and emerge on the other side an even greater version of your true self.

These shadow lands are my home. The darkness, my beloved friend and teacher. A familiar place of exploration and contemplation.

Take my hand sister, let’s dive deep together. I’ll light the way.
Ruby Toad Life Storm Navigator

Ruby Toad | Life Storm Navigator

I am Ruby, Life Storm Navigator, Rebel Spirit and Mentor for amazing women who are ready to turn and face their fears; to use those challenges, struggles and storms as opportunities to dive deep into their inner realms and re-emerge as even fiercer, stronger more aligned visions of their true selves.