The dream

I dream of a world where we all shine.

Where misfits, rebel spirits and fierce goddesses embrace their true nature, own their power and live life fully expressed.

A world where we once again allow intuition to guide us. Where the rhythms of nature whisper in our ear. Where wisdom comes from within us.

Not a utopian world.
Not a place where we all smile and dance and pretend everything is okay.
Not a place where we hide our struggles and swallow our pain to look strong.
Not a place where we feign confidence by day and shun the shadows come evening darkness.

I want a world
where women rise together.

Where we stand strong in the center of our own power.

Where we bravely, fiercely, curiously face the storms of our lives; confident we will conquer them, ready to be transformed by the journey, our sisters by our side.

Where we gaze into the shadows and darkness and recognize them not as something to be feared and avoided, but as a womb of transformation and growth.


A place to dream and be reborn.
Ruby Toad Life Storm Navigator

Ruby Toad | Life Storm Navigator

I am Ruby, Life Storm Navigator, Rebel Spirit and Mentor for amazing women who are ready to turn and face their fears; to use those challenges, struggles and storms as opportunities to dive deep into their inner realms and re-emerge as even fiercer, stronger more aligned visions of their true selves.