I dream of a world where we all shine.

Where misfits, rebel spirits and fierce goddesses embrace their true nature, own their power and live life fully expressed.
A world where we once again allow intuition to guide us. Where the rhythms of nature whisper in our ear. Where wisdom comes from within us

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Into the Storm – A Guided Journey

Get ready to dive deep into your inner realms, look your storm in the eye and gather the treasures waiting there for you.

When we are able to step into our spirit and outside of our own storms to look at them from a wider perspective we gain insight and clarity to guide us forward.

This guided journey will take you through the process of creating a safe space, connecting with Mother Earth and tapping into your highest self so you are ready to turn and face your storm full on, really seeing what it’s all about.

You’ll emerge from this journey with deeper self awareness, a greater understanding of what’s happening in your life and a clear picture of how to move forward with the most grace and ease possible.

The Rebel Call

I would no longer live this way. Small, unexpressed, dim. Vague, jagged pieces of myself, barely recognizable pressed to the surface. My spirit wanted to be whole. I wanted to be whole. To be all the parts of myself; to fully express myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my truth. I was ready to grow, evolve and grow some more. To rediscover who I was and explore my inner realms rather than just hide in them. The deeper I went into my inner realms, the more I understood my outer world and was able to begin to create changes and be more fully myself in my life. Read on...

Ready to feel supported in your journey?

You are a fierce, strong, capable woman who sometimes struggle with fears, traumas, and seemingly overwhelming life and business challenges.

You are a leader, misfit or rebel spirit who sometimes struggles with a sudden disappearance of confidence, self worth and uncertainty of what to do or where to go next.

You are a gift healer, empath or spiritual guide who sometimes need an outside perspective and help to see yourself and your storms clearly.

I have a special brand of magic; a mixture of spirit, experience and down to earth practicality to guide you as you anchor into your power, remember your truth and navigate your way through the storms of life.

Take my hand sister, I’ll light the way.

Rising together

Fiercely independent, you march to the beat of your own drum. You take chances and make bold decisions
guided by your heart and intuition. Even when friends and family don’t understand, you leap forward into
your dreams. All in or die.

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Ruby Toad Life Storm Navigator

Ruby Toad | Life Storm Navigator

I am Ruby, Life Storm Navigator, Rebel Spirit and Mentor for amazing women who are ready to turn and face their fears; to use those challenges, struggles and storms as opportunities to dive deep into their inner realms and re-emerge as even fiercer, stronger more aligned visions of their true selves.